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My 15th home.
The 3rd one in Cologne.
First time living in Neuehrenfeld (district of Cologne).

At trainstation Ehrenfeld / Café Goldmund

And yes, it’s different from the Südstadt – the part of the city where I lived before. It’s rougher and hipper. You have a wider spectrum of people (from trendy young families to poor people and migrants to artists and designers).

I live exactly at the border between Ehrenfeld and Neuehrenfeld. So on one hand there are the typical residents of Ehrenfeld (Artists, Designer, young families, people who want to be hip and trendy, people who sit outside in Cafés like Van Dyke who are interested in art, design and culture (or at least pretend to be) mixed with poor people and migrants) and on the other hand there are the residents of Neuehrenfeld – a lot of young families and traditional Cologne natives. So different worlds hit each other here.

Streetart at Lichtstraße

In the past Ehrenfeld was an industrial working-class district. Nowadays there is a high ratio of migrants from all over the world. Within the last years the district became more and more popular and emerged a very lively cultural scene.

I’ll definitely write a lot more about these two districts – about my new home!
But not today ;) Here are some more visual impressions: